Maintenance of the SHO

This section is dedicated to maintenance projects for the SHO. Before you think of modifying, make sure all of this is up to date!

Beginner's Guide

Brakes, Steering, Suspension

Engine Repairs

Sensor Replacement

Other Repairs and Mods

60K Mile Service

The 60,000 miles service, or "60k" as it is commonly known, is a very important part of SHO maintenance. During this service a procedure called the "valve lash adjustment" or "valve shim adjustment" is done, which is very important for preserving your engine. Also, many parts should be checked and replaced every 60k miles on the SHO. There is also a "120k", though we usually check all of these items during a 60k. The 60k is split into two parts, upper and front. For an idea of what parts are replaced, take a look at the 60k parts list and the Part Replacement Intervals, since the requirements are different if you have an MTX (3.0) or an ATX (3.2).