Fuel Pump Access Door

Pictures and Guide by Beth McCormack

Work performed by Bill Saunders
Edited and Produced by Joshua Langevin

This guide will show you how to install a fuel pump access door. This modification will eliminate the need to drop the fuel tank to change the fuel pump and will literally save you hours of being on your back and possibly the need of getting a new tank.

1. Remove the rear seat, and move the sound deadening material and carpet out of the way. Measure from the outside of the door trim 21" and mark a line. Then mark another line at 30". It should look something like this:

2. The exact cut lines should look like this:

3. The tool used to do the job. Another recommended tool is a dremel with a small cutting wheel. Keep in mind, the fuel lines are right under the sheetmetal in this location, don't use a welder and be careful.

4. The first cut:

5. The first view of below:

I was suprised at how thin the metal is... kind of scarey if you think about it. Time to replace that pump and do whatever else you need to.

6. The aluminum cover being fitted into place:

7. Metal edges files down, no burrs, and the cover taped firmly in place. This was just a temporary solution, you can use pop rivets or sheet metal screws.