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SHOPP Store - Defunct - archive only!

The SHOPP Store is no longer offering SHO parts.
The 60K shim and tool rental kit is still available though!

The 60K Tool and Shim Rental Kit

Selection of shims
Tappet holder
Tappet compressor
Pick tool

The kit is rented in two week blocks, with a few days on each side for shipping. Remember that either side of the shims can be used as long as the part contacting the cams is not scratched or damaged. When you use a shim in the kit, you MUST replace it with your old shim. In other words, you return the same number of shims that you received.

There is no additional price for the shims, UNLESS you use one of the rare ones. These shims are very expensive for me. If you use any shims in the 2300 range or 2600 range, then there is an additional charge of $10 each, unless you replace it with another rare shim.

The price includes shipping to you, but you are responsible for shipping it back.

A $150 deposit is required, and is refunded once the kit is returned. The cost of the kit is $50 plus $10 shipping. To rent the kit, you can Paypal us the $210 and we put you next on the list.

For more information email us at store@shophoenixproject.com

(The kit now has many more shims than shown here)