What's In a Name?

What is a phoenix? It is a a legendary bird which at the end of it's life burns itself to ashes, and then rises alive from the ashes to live another period.  Many times we find SHOs in poor condition, neglected by owners who know little about what they have. After much work, we "resurrect" these SHOs and they live on. Thus the name... the Phoenix Project. Plus, fire is cool.

The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is dedicated to helping SHO owners work on their cars. Here we have put together a collection of guides and helpful information that, as one user said, "make you feel like you've done the job before". There's no replacement for experience, and that's what we are trying to provide here. All of the guides have been done using common hand tools, except for where specialty tools were needed. Here at the Phoenix Project we really want to encourage the do-it-yourself spirit!


Many thanks are extended to Joshua Langevin who is the founder of this website.  Without him at the helm for so many years, this website and all its helpful information would not exist.

Many thanks also are extended to those who have taken the time to do the work, take pictures and then sit down and do the write-ups.  A big thumbs up to you all!  



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