Transmission Seal Replacement

Pictures and Guide by Joshua Langevin

This guide shows how to replace the passenger side transmission halfshaft seal. The procedure is the same for the driver's side, except that the driver's side is a lot easier. If you have oil on and around your transmission near where one of the halfshafts enter it, the cause is probably a leaky seal. Also, if you are doing a driver's side halfshaft replacement (which requires the halfshaft to be pulled out of the tranny) you should have one of these on hand, since you may damage the seal. The passenger side seal is a Timken 3622 and is available from Autozone for $2.99, as far as I know it is the same for the driver's side.

You will need:

Timken 3622 (get two, just in case you mess one up, they are cheap enough)
2" PVC pipe, at least 8" long
2"PVC pipe cap
Transmission fluid (ATF)

1. Remove the halfshaft from the intermediate shaft as shown in the Halfshaft Replacement Guide. (If you are replacing the driver's side seal, you will already have access to it once you pull the halfshaft).

2. Remove the two 10mm bolts that hold the intermediate shaft to it's bracket.

3. Then carefully slide the intermediate shaft out of the transmission. Remember, transmission oil is going to leak out, so have a catch pan ready. Also, never remove the driver's side halfshaft and the intermediate shaft together without putting a dowel in one side, since doing so would require disassembly of the transmission to align everything again.

4. Now use a large screwdiver or prybar to pry the old seal out as shown here. Be very careful not to scratch the transmission case.

5. Now use an anarobic sealer around the outside edge of the seal, such as Permatex Hylomar.

[pic missing]

6. To install the seal, a special tool is required. However, a peice of 2" PVC pipe with a cap on the end will do the trick. The cap is to provide a good striking surface. Tab on the end of the pipe with a hammer and carefully install the seal.

[pic missing]

7. Now coat the intermediate shaft (or driver's side halfshaft) liberally with transmission fluid and install it into the transmission. Be very careful not to damage the new seal. Install the two 10mm bolts that hold the intermediate shaft to it's bracket and tighten them up good.

8. Next we have to refill the transmission. Remove the fill plug at the front of the tranny here with a 3/8 drive socket wrench. (You will probably need to use a small extension).

And then use a funnel to fill the transmission with quality ATF. Fill it until fluid begins to leak out. Then install the fill plug.

Enjoy your non-leaking transmission :)

Passenger Halfshaft Replacement Guide